Saturday, May 7, 2011


The past few weeks have been so crazy!  I don't really have any good excuse for it but the cats wake us up early (at some point this is where we will include going to the gym), Mr. D eventually feeds them while i'm getting ready, we go to work (work has been nice and busy... YAY!)... the going to work could include me taking day trips to St. Louis which makes for a very long day and this part of the day always involves a long drive for the husband, work our butts off, I get home, feed the cats and clean up, Mr. D calls and says he's coming home so I start to get dinner ready, wash dishes, we eat, clean up (again!), sit and talk and play with kittens and then it's time for bed.  There is so little time for anything else.  So pile on other things like plan a vacation... with plenty of drama cause we can't do anything the 'traditional' way (we are going to Sonoma in 20 days... let the count down begin!  But had some issues with the person we were going to rent from... I think we are finally all settled now.) and look for a new condo (i'm obsessive and when I get an idea in my head that's all I focus on until it is done) and there is so little little time to do anything else!

I'm living for the weekends!  Which start on Friday evening, but the tired sets on real fast so really Saturday is our day to enjoy... but it goes by so quickly too!  So the plan for this weekend is... NOTHING.

Cause I'm going Crazy...

I hope you had a nice week and Happy Mother's Day to all the Mama's out there!  And Happy Birthday (or belated Birthday) to all of my May birthday friends and family.  I have all the cards addressed but no stamps... uggh!  I'm terrible.  I just stare at the calendar in disbelief at how may lives there are to celebrate in May.


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