Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Read more and see pictures of our first Mardi Gras experience!

Mardi Gras 2011
A party like no other in a city like no other.


We got into town in the evening but were able to catch the last parade of the night.  I think we were all pretty shocked at the number of people who were there.  Little did we know... the whole weekend there would be tons of people around!  Floats, bands, beads, so much excitement...



michelle said...

I hope Mark got those beads from you!!

V said...

I guess i should preface with... this was not the media's Mardi Gras. the parades we attended were, for the most part, family friendly. I say for the most part because there were a few questionable beads that were thrown... one of the ornaments on some beads said, "Makin' Bacon" and had two pigs humping... another was a fake cigarette that lit up at the end... not exactly for the kiddo's. But no skin was revealed!