Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today I had a little meeting with the Knoll reps at the Merchandise Mart.  It was just a little meet and greet set up by my very sweet previous employers.  It was nice to meet some new people and to get out and about for awhile.  Since I knew that I was going to be downtown I planned to go to a couple of places that I knew I'd have easy access to. Nordstrom Rack... hello cheap designer clothes!  H&M... because I needed some 80's fashion and Toga undergarments for our quickly approaching trip to New Orleans (the most famous US city for the days and days of Mardi Gras celebration).  I was happy to find that H&M was just adjacent to Rack.  Easy peasy.  The trouble came when I realized I didn't know where I was.  I pretty much knew how to get to these places just by my memory of previous trips but I had no idea how to find one of the big things I was looking for.  A Sprint store.  I'm pretty sure I walked around for a hour, easy (and probably in circles), trying to figure out what direction I was going and what street I needed to be on.

Soon enough I found it (and was able to purchase the power cord that I needed because one of our little monsters bit through my other perfectly fine one) but oh man are my feet tired!  It's one of those times when you just want to fall to the ground kicking and screaming like you are 4 years old again saying to the friendly looking woman in front of you, "CAARRRRRY MEEEEEE!!!!!!" (Remember you are using your best whiny baby voice.)

I didn't end up doing that but I was so close...

And I eventually found my way home but had to stand the whole train ride 'cause it was rush hour.  Don't feel too bad... it's only 4 stops!



jmlo said...

sounds like a fun adventure! glad you got out for shopping and a meet-n-greet.

Michelle said...

Looking forward to hearing about your meet and greet!