Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Do you ever do random things at the weirdest times?

This morning I have an early flight to St. Louis... just a day trip to meet the rest of my coworkers.  I'm getting ready (well before I am usually up), putting on a little makeup (got to look my best) and all of the sudden I am washing my makeup brushes.  Seriously?  Why in the world would I decide to do that so early in the morning (and I'm talking 4:45 early)?

But I suppose, now they are clean and I won't have to worry about it.

Funny things about yesterday.
1. My office is casual!!!!  Jeans casual... and that makes me extremely happy.  That was one thing I really liked about the other firm I was talking to.

2.  My boss and I were locked out of the office for a good part of the morning... we got keys later that day.

3.  I forget how tired working makes you!!! (have I mentioned that already?)  I just wanted to go to sleep when I got home yesterday.

Funny thing about today

1.  My flight was just cancelled.  Awesome.


2.  I can now say that I've seen the Shamu Southwest plane!  Only seen... not flown in.


jmlo said...

is it snowing or something? why in the world would they cancel a flight to St.L in the middle of the week?

so are you doing the trip another day, or did you make a later flight?

V said...

i made it to STL... was put on standby for the next flight... which was and hour and a half later. that flight was over sold so i wasn't able to get on. next flight, over an hour later. it was the longest freaking day. and let's be honest. airports aren't the best place to hang out.

but i did make it and i did meet a group of people that i should be working with so that was good.

i seriously forget how tired working makes you... i'm exhausted.

jmlo said...

well, at least you made it, which is what matters.

i'll save my other new job questions for an email conversation.....