Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My mother has been scolding me on my lack of posting so here's what we've been up to!!

We had a nice weekend full of visitors, yummy food and good ol' fashion sight seeing.  I have a feeling the Chicago skyline is something I will never tire of.  We did lots of walking... showing off our neighborhood.  Friday night consisted of wine tasting at Bin Wine Cafe paired with small plates and desert at iCream... this great little ice cream shop where they make the ice cream before your eyes, with the help of a little liquid nitrogen.

Saturday was filled with a trip to the Green City Market (I talked about it last weekend but when we tried to go we found out that in the winter and early spring months it's only open every other weekend).  It was a good opportunity to show off Lincoln Park so we hopped in the car for the market.  Everyone warned me that it wasn't very big and it will be much better in the summer... I was pleasantly surprised!  There were quite a few booths and I think Mr. D and I have found the CSA that we'd like to go with.  They deliver right to your door, which is really great for us!  After the market we took a little drive by the lake and because it was so nice there were quite a few people out and about.  We had lunch at Cipollina Deli... which was our first time there (I love getting to explore a new city!).  And then it was off to downtown!  The plan was take the El downtown and to explore a little more (which = more walking!).  We took a tour of my office, walked around Millennium Park and down the crazy packed streets of Michigan Ave.  I'd love to say that we walked all the way back home but by that time we were pooped!  Cabbed it back to the house and let me just say that I took a very long nap (apologies to our visitors)!

That evening it was off to another new restaurant named Sono Wood Fired.  (Mr. D found this list of all the hot spots in town right now so we've got reservations booked through June... Sono was one of them.)  Again, lots of food... we got apps and salads, pizzas and drinks.  It was great, I totally recommend it! 

Sunday was pretty low key... we knew a lot would be closed so we decided to have a late breakfast and see were the rest of the day took us.  Brunch at Toast (hello mango pancakes... I could eat those every day!).   A walk around the neighborhood, a stroll past our local church and then a drive around Wrigleyville... on a game day!  Pretty much the last thing we did was eat more food (as if we didn't eat enough this weekend?).  We'd heard good things about Nick's Pit Stop so we tried their sandwiches... and they were just ok.  I think we will be back for a whole chicken another time...

It was a fun weekend and the weather cooperated for the most part.  We hope the parents had a good time... but I'm convinced that Mom D's favorite part was meeting her grand kittens!  She was ready to pack Grizzy Poo in her suit case... I made sure to check that all luggage was free of fur balls before we left the condo.

Hope all of you had a nice weekend!



jmlo said...

I love the picture of Grizz in her arms - he looks so surprised.

michelle said...

Great pics!! Do not tell me that one of those is the view from your office...I will be VERY jealous!

V said...

Grizz is so funny... you can see him so well in this pic, but normally if hes sitting in a shadow all you can see are his eyes! He's such a sweetie!

and Michelley, one of them is a view from the office! i'm am seriously in awe everyday i go in there...