Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have decided to publicly admit that my 'no fast food' pact screeched to a halt last Thursday.  It was my choice to eat it but it was really for the best... you don't want a really loud grumbling coming from your tummy during a client meeting.

15 months and 7 days.  I'm very proud of that number!

And I blame the client (as well as me being human and needing to eat lunch)... why couldn't they have ordered from a local sandwich shop?

Mr. D is still going strong.  And I'm back on the no fast food wagon!


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jmlo said...

15m7d is a good run. i'm proud of you.

my latest attempt lasted 1 week and 13 hours. to be fair, the power went out and all my food went bad, and i didnt have time to go to the store before a 12 hour day at work - but that's not a great excuse.