Wednesday, April 13, 2011


And I couldn't be happier!  There are a few things that I've noticed that makes me really think that I can look forward to warmer weather (good riddance winter!) .

  1. Pretty flowers poking out of the ground and green buds on the trees.
  2. Ladies wearing dresses, with out tights!
  3. And the sun... it's out and it's out all day long!  (If that makes any sense...)
Don't you just love spring?  I'd say for the past 5 years spent in St. Louis we've really not had a spring... maybe a week and then it was HOT!  

I've heard that Chicagoans live for the summers so I'm really looking forward to that experience... hopefully all the summertime activities will provide for some good blogging!  This weekend we will be taking a little trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  I was given two tickets for this weekend so I hope the nice weather continues so we can enjoy it!  


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