Saturday, April 16, 2011


These cats get us up so early... it's kind of annoying on the weekends.  We are feeding them twice a day so they know when it's time to eat... well they kind of know when its time.  They let us know when when they are hungry and it's usually about 45 minutes before meal time.  On the weekends we just want to sleep in a little bit but it just doesn't seem to be happening.

Today Mr. D gets up to feed them, I'm also awake (it's tough to sleep with kittens meowing as loud as they can and climbing on youf head and chasing each other around the room like psychopaths) and at this point neither of us were going back to sleep (it's like 6:45, on a Saturday!).  So you know what... we went to the gym!  I was super proud of us and actually really surprised.  Now we can check that off the list for today.  After the gym we get home and of course I'm hungry.  But I'm still so proud of us so I think... I should reward myself.  With pancakes!

And that's how I negate my entire work out.  Blueberry buttermilk pancakes.

Sweets will be the end of me...

Here's the recipe I used.  I didn't make any substitutions,  but I didn't have exactly fresh ingredients... old eggs (which from what I've been reading about baking aged eggs can be a good thing) and really old buttermilk... that still smelled like buttermilk!  Lol!  So I used it and they were delish!  The perfect combination of sweet and sour, they were super fluffy (don't over mix!).  And the blueberries add a nice pop of juicy fruit goodness.  I often just jump into cooking with out thinking about it so we didn't have any syrup.  Mr. D likes naked pancakes, I settled on a little agave nectar.  Add a little fake bacon and second helping and bye bye workout!  

Unhealthy tip... use butter to grease your skillet... makes perfectly brown cakes.

Hope you all have had a great Saturday morning!


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