Thursday, December 2, 2010


This December I'd like to make a few things that I've never attempted before.

For my birthday my mother bought me a pasta maker... because of all of the craziness of life associated with our move it's really just sitting there.  This weekend I will be brining it up in hopes of making some delicious fresh pastas.  I'd like to make some sort of pesto filled tortellini but should probably start with something a bit more simple like spaghetti and meatballs!

Photo from Our Best Bites Blog - Single Serving Pie In a Jar
I'd also like to make a pie... crust and all.  I planned on doing that for our first Thanksgiving here in Chicago (the plan was to go eat some good BBQ and then devour a pie at home). We instead decided to surprise the family with a visit to KC.  But pies are totally a winter food and can be enjoyed at any time, holiday or no holiday, in my opinion!  Last year I found these cute mini pies which are presented in those small Kerr canning jars... maybe I will work on making those too!  

More desserts are on the list.  Mr. D asked for some sort of Heath Bar ice cream... which sounds delish!  (The ice cream maker was also birthday gift, from my in-laws, and has gotten much use!)  And I'd like to make some festive holiday cookies that I spied in Martha's Everyday FOOD magazine.

Oh! And also some chicken wings... which I've made before but not for awhile!  An assortment of flavors of course.

This list could go on and on for sure!  Stay tuned for an update... will it be a catastrophic failure or a joyous success?


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Designer Jules said...

I want to see and hear more about the ice cream. I have an ice cream maker as well and am sort of scared to use it.