Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today I couldn't be happier (aside from the lovely cold I've come down with)!  A date has been set for us to move a portion of our furniture from the house in St. Louis to Chicago.  I say a portion only because the house is so much larger than the condo we've moved into (we are selling most of our STL furniture to friends and family).  But this means a number of things to me...
  1. We will have a couch to sit on... which will be much more comfortable than the lovely C&B chairs or the occasional lawn chair we use when Coach is occupying one of the other chairs.
  2. We will have a desk... no more TV trays or standing at the kitchen counter to work.
  3. There will be a rug... so Coach can run his little heart out and stop short to make a quick turn.
  4. We will be moving the bar... so Mr. D can have a cocktail of his choice after a long week at work.
  5. The bookcases will be moved and will hold the books and movies that have been sitting on the floor and counter for months.
  6. The Kitchen Aid will be here and I can start concocting some yummy treats I've been thinking about  making.
  7. And lastly... It's one step closer to making Chicago our home!  (Mr. D will have been in Chicago 6 months the end of December, my how time files!)
You can see in the photo above a lot of things that I as a designer am 'disgusted' by.  Big TV in the center of the room (at the house the big TV was hidden in the back bedroom turned TV room), lawn chairs... need I say more, printer on the floor... wires everywhere, inflatable mattress turned sofa, TV trays as desk/dining room table.  Really it's just a general mess... but what can you do!?  It's irresponsible and wasteful to buy a bunch of stuff that we are just going to throw away.  So we've waited patiently and this weekend we will pack it all up and hope everything makes it safely!

More pictures to come when I've got everything in place...



Designer Jules said...

That sounds exciting, the new place is going to look great when you have the things you want in the space. Six months already? wow.

Angie said...