Tuesday, December 21, 2010


If you've know me for a while you know that I'm a fan of the color pink.  It was a color I once wore nearly everyday (and I'm not only talking about when I was 5)!  I've gotten away from that habit... but I still love the color.  If we ever have a child and it turns out to be a girl, lets just say, I hope she still loves me after all the pink she will be dressed in.

I'm not sure who to credit this photo to but you can find the full article here on Design Sponge.
I came across this image the other day and just fell in love.  I absolutely love the soft pink of this designers office... one day I will have my own private office that is painted this lovely shade of pink.  Actually, from what I can see, I'd take the entire room!  From the coffee colored floors to the white bookcases and a ton of natural light, there's a lot to adore.


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Jessica of Verve! said...

And since Pantone and Ben Moore have pinks as their color of the year for 2011, you will hopefully being seeing more of it! I love all shades of pinks too :)