Friday, December 10, 2010


Yesterday I submitted a Save the Date design on Minted... my very first submission, of many I hope!  I think it's a really neat thing that they've got going on.  Anyone who would like to enter can... you submit your design for the challenge and there are prizes for those who win.  Now, i'm not exactly sure how this all works but you've got to vote when it's time.  I'll keep you updated!

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design on minted.
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Check out my competition in Christmas cards and birth announcements at Minted.

For those of you who were around me in my wedding planning (more like blog stalking) days, you know that I just love all things weddings!  I was so excited when I saw the design challenge and was hoping to get 5 of these puppies whipped up and well, that didn't happen!  Lots of ideas but nothing turned out worthy enough (at least in my eyes!). But I did end up with OMG Yes! and I love it.  I find humor in the whole 'OMG' craze (I use it more often then a 29 year old should) and I feel that it's a perfect funny message for young professionals who are getting married and purchasing Save the Dates.  I think it's exactly what they'd want!  

Let's just be honest... I know when I was proposed to the first words out of my mouth weren't 'Yes'...


p.s. Don't forget to ROCK THE VOTE! 

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Designer Jules said...

I love the design! Of course the orange and blue combo I love too. I tried to vote but maybe it isn't time yet or I could not figure it out. Let me know.