Monday, December 27, 2010


Would you if it were easier?

I image you would...  We've been regular recyclers for a few years now.  In St. Louis, before we were able to be a part of the Earth Circle Recycling program, we'd just drive all of our recyclables down to Target or near the Y and drop it off in one of the large dumpsters.  It was fairly easy... minimal effort on our part.  And there was always room, the areas are well kept and easily accessible.  Then we found out that we were in a zip code that was eligible to be a part of the weekly pick up program.  I was super excited when I found out about that... how much easier would that make it!  And it did... they dropped off a bin and we just put that out front every Thursday for them to come by and empty.

Recently, we got a letter in the mail saying that St. Louis was putting a blue recycling dumpster in the alleys.  WAY TO GO ST. LOUIS!  I was so happy to hear that... and even happier to see that we were one of the first alleys to get one.  And yes, they added a fee to our refuse bill... but who cares!  It's the right thing to do.

We have noticed here in Chicago the city doesn't quite have the recycling thing figured out.  For some they do but for those who don't have a bin in their alley it's quite a pain. First off, it was impossible to find a location near our condo.  And once we did we found that the drop off center was full... beyond full.  With all sorts of recycling waste lying all around the dumpster ready for the wind to blow it away at any moment.  And I've read a lot about how these large drop off centers never get emptied.  

I hope to see Chicago embrace recycling as I've witnessed how the city of St. Louis has made it so much easier for it's citizens! 



Designer Jules said...

I am so glad we now have a rolling cart for recycling! It is so easy and we have a lot less trash.

mandamae said...

I agree about the recycling thing - Chicago really needs to get it figured out! Glad they have put forth some effort. Maybe the economy is to blame for the bins not being emptied out as often as they should? St. Peters has a great recycling program - they provide blue bags for us to put recyclables in and we just put those in with our regular trash every week. The trash collectors sort through and pull out the blue bags. If you run low on bags, you can tie one on to your trash can and they will give you more. How easy!