Sunday, December 19, 2010


We own and really beautiful 7-1/2' fake Christmas tree.  I love it... it's really pretty, could totally pass as real from afar and it was given to me by my mother so there is history with it.  Unfortunately, we have NO storage in Chicago.  I have nowhere to put it for 11 months out of the year.  It didn't make the move (I've still got it St. Louis... just in case a closet magically appears in the hallway?).  So I just figured... I guess it really won't feel like Christmas this year.  We just weren't going to buy a big tree.

And then I saw it... Charlie Brown, in all his glory!  I fell in love...

Home Depot was selling these adorable little potted trees!  Norfold Island Pines to be exact.  I had to go do some research and be sure that if Coach ate it he wouldn't get sick and I had to convince Mr. D that it was a good idea and by the time we went to pick it out they had dropped in price.  A steal of a deal at $12!

We put him up and decorated and then enjoyed a movie with only the twinkling lights in the background.  Pretty, pretty!  Hopefully I can keep him alive until next Christmas!


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