Sunday, December 19, 2010


It really has been too long...

But we are all moved!  I say all moved but really it's only mostly moved.  The house in STL is still furnished with probably over half of our furniture but none of it will be moving up with us.  There are a few things that will be moving like picture frames, lamps and other odds and ends.  But those are the things that make the house feel 'good'.  **We love you house, very much, but please sell soon!**

So moving is my main excuse for the lack of blogging.  Last week I unpacked... EVERY LAST BOX.  I have to give props to our moving company.  They had 5 guys in STL helping pack us up and moving all the furniture out but on the move-in day... there were only 2 guys!  We live on the 3rd floor... I felt awful!  But they were so friendly and accepted my pleas for them to drink water (we have some heavy furniture!).  Box after box, piece after heavy piece it all got moved and I was left to unpack and organize everything.  It is my thought, because we have very little space and even less storage, that we need to be as organized as possible.  Which means everything must have a place.  And everything has a place... for now.  I'm sure over the next few months we will be reorganizing but for now, it feels good! 

I will also blame my lack of blogging on having an interview last week.  I did a lot of prep work for it and felt like it went really well.  The interview was with a hospitality firm (which seems like it would be really fun and interesting work).  It would really be such a change of pace for me... and I think that is good!  Making the brain think in new and different ways seems good for it.  So we will just see where that goes and I will just keep on truckin'!  

Hope you all had a nice week and are all ready for the holidays!  



Designer Jules said...

Sounds like you had a productive week! Congrats on the intervew and I totally know what you mean about being organized. I love to organize.

joshua said...

Interviews are awesome - I hope it turns into something good.

Rebecca said...

Josh-Agreed, interviews are awesome! Hope this one went AWESOME because you are. They would be very lucky to have a designer like you...keeps us posted, my fingers are crossed.