Monday, February 21, 2011


Sorry about the lack of blogging!  I have an adorable excuse and it involves two of the sweetest kittens!

Mr. D and I have adopted two kittens.  We found a great 'no kill' shelter really close to our condo.  They have a great facility where the kitties and puppies have their own rooms instead of being locked in cages.  The kitties are separated by age and temperament and get to roam free playing and lounging in baskets and on wall shelves or in sun spots (yep they get natural light through the front windows!).  They screen every person who wants to adopt, which some may find intrusive but I think it's a fantastic idea (you must bring every person who lives in your household to meet the animal).  It's really a great place and I am proud to have adopted from such them.  They have a great group of volunteers and staff and I'm just so envious and proud of what they are doing.  According to the PAWS Chicago website, in 2011 around 4,400 homeless pets will be adopted from their facility. And since their founding in 1997 the annual amount of euthanized homeless cats and dogs in Chicago has dropped by over 50 percent... keep it up PAWS!

Our kittens have been spayed/neutered, micro-chipped and were handled by loving pet people.

So they have been keeping me busy the past week... big time.  Oh how I forgot what it was like to have crazy animals in the house.  But it really is wonderful and they've brought a smile to both of our faces.

Please meet Luna (who is about 5-1/2 months and about 5 lbs) and Grizz (who is around 5 months and about 3-1/2 lbs).

Luna (aka Loony Tune cause she is insane) has definitely established that she is the big sister.  She will hunt Grizz like he is a bird!  We are still trying to get them accustomed to one another but I think we are about there.  She is super playful and loves to climb things.  She also loves to bury herself under the covers... crazy!  We got Luna on Sunday the 13th.  

Grizz is our sweet little guy (aka Grizzy Poo).  He is a small little man but I have a feeling he will grow to be a nice and healthy kitty because he's got a great appetite.  He is so sweet and loves to play with string.  He gets mad that his big sister gets him so easily but he's snuck up on her a few times so she will take him seriously.  Grizz was welcomed to the family on Wednesday the 16th.  



jmlo said...

I know i already said it, but hooray kitties!!!!

V said...

We are super happy! It has really helped to heal the loss of Coach.