Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I generally despise snow.  But this snowfall was really cool!  Thunder, lighting and 3rd largest snow on record.  This morning we decided to venture out before it was all plowed. Here are some of our findings (lots of things were buried).

The sun is now out and the sky is blue... clear views all the way downtown.  Bring on spring!!!

Hopefully you and yours are safe and sound!



jmlo said...

man. you got thundersnow?! karen told me they were expecting some, and i was totally bummed. all we got down here were iceballs :(

looks like a good dumping of snow - if you sat down you might have been totally buried!

Designer Jules said...

How fun I wish that we had that much snow here.

I am sorry I have been comment absent...can't always comment from my ipod touch.

V said...

oh don't be silly! you are a new mama! i'm impressed you are still keeping up with the blogging world! :) i adore that scarf you made... perfection! (which i am about to comment in two seconds!)