Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hello, my friends call me V and I am addicted to sweets.

Yesterday (while making a delicious dinner of stuffed peppers and chorizo), I decided it was time to make Raspberry Marshmallows.  YUM!  The last few months have definitely been defined by the many batches of marshmallows that I've made (successfully I might add!) and well, it's time to switch it up a bit.  Raspberry was just the flavor!  I found the recipe from the Not So Humble Pie Blog.  My success in the marshmallow world is all thanks to Martha's no-nonsense recipe which can be found here.  It is seriously so simple and the perfect little sweet treat!

I had some time before Mr. D got home so I decided to get everything out and get the process started.  I am a habitual skimmer when it comes to reading recipes.  Which often leads to some pretty thoughtful solutions to problems that could have been avoided if I'd have actually read the short recipe.  I had one little problem that arose from my skimming and it has to do with that little rascal know as a raspberry seed.  They are sneaky little suckers and can be really annoying when stuck in your teeth!

To see more of the process and MacGyver like solutions (that may or may not work)...

Here is what you will need... (I have been using a scale but I've tried to interpret the weight measurements for those who don't)

300g fresh or frozen raspberries
         (10.5oz, I used a bag of frozen raspberries)
500g granulated sugar
         (500g of sugar = about 2 cups of sugar, from the research I've done)20g powdered gelatin
         (3 packs of powdered gelatin)
60g egg whites
         (about 2 large egg whites)
1 cup water
50g Powder Sugar, for dusting
         (1/2 cup Powder Sugar)
80g Rice Flour, for dusting
         (1/2 cup Rice Flour)
Cooking Spray

Here's some equipment that you will need...

9x13 Baking Pan
Small Sauce Pan
Sieve (This is missing from my kitchen)
Candy Thermometer
Large Bowl
Electric mixer (makes life very easy)
Large Bowl
Plastic Wrap
Sharp Knife
Offset Spatula

And now let's begin!

  1. First you will want to prepare your pan.  With your cooking spray lightly oil the pan and then line with plastic wrap leaving a 2" overhang on all sides.  With this large of a pan you will most likely need two pieces.  I also like to give the plastic wrap a little spray, very lightly.
  2. Over medium heat cook your raspberries until soft, you may need to mash with a fork to help them fall part.  Once soft push your raspberries through a sieve to remove the seeds.
    (Like I said earlier... don't skim recipes!  I, in a mini panic, could not find my sieve and was forced to get creative.  I didn't really want seeds in my mallows so thankfully mom comes to the rescue.  Cheesecloth?  No (who has cheesecloth!?). Coffee press?  Yes!  I put the cooked raspberries in the coffee strainer but it was not working.  I wasn't sure what the deal was.  I thought the sauce was too thick. So I decided to put the raspberries in the blender, get them good a liquefied and put them back in the coffee strainer.  Again, no luck.  Honestly, I don't think there was enough liquid for the strainer to push up... so I had to make a decision.  Give up or continue with the world's first seeded marshmallows. I continued.)
  3. Reserve the liquid in a large bowl and set the mixture aside to cool.
  4. In a small saucepan over medium heat cook the water stirring frequently.  When the sugar has dissolved and the mixture comes to a boil clip on your candy thermometer and bring the liquid to about 255°F, no need to stir at this point. 
  5. While the syrup is cooking, sprinkle the gelatin on the cooling raspberries and mix to help dissolve with a whisk.  
  6. When the syrup starts to get close to temp drop the egg whites in to your electric mixer and beat on medium speed until white and foamy.  
  7. When the syrup reaches 255°F pour into the bowl with the raspberries and gelatin. The mixture will start to foam so a large bowl is a must. Whisk the mixture to help dissolve the gelatin more.  Pour this mixture into the mixer with the eggs. Beat on medium high for several minutes (12-ish) or until mixture volume has tripled.
  8. Pour the fluff into your prepared pan and smooth out with an offset spatula.  Cover with another lightly oiled sheet of plastic wrap and allow to set for 2 hours.
    (I left the pan to set overnight but this is not necessary.)
  9. When the fluff has set and is nice an springy you are ready to cut and powder your mallows!  Simply mix your rice flour and powder sugar together and dust a cutting board with a little of the mixture.  Take the marshmallow block out of the pan by pulling on the plastic wrap... it should pop right out.  Take off the top layer and flip on to your cutting board.  Remove the other layers of plastic wrap.  Lightly oil your knife and cut in to squares (or whatever shape your heart desires!).  Dust with sugar/flour mixture to coat and shake off any excess.  Store in an airtight container for three or so days at room temperature.

    But they are of course best fresh!

    (Recipe is adapted from Not So Humble Pie's Raspberry Marshmallows)
Because of my mini panic attack a large portion of process photos are missing... please forgive me! 

I love how pink they are... I was a bit concerned that they were going to turn our red do to the quantity of raspberry juice but they turned out beautifully! 

My favorite part... the taste test!

Let the cutting begin.

It's a bit messy but oh so worth it.

Lovely little cubes... perfect for a warm cup of hot cocoa during a cold day.

Something that I would like to clear up is that making marshmallows is NOT difficult.  I'm not sure how many times I made Martha's recipe but I was never once anxious or apprehensive about jumping right in and making the goods.  But apparently there is a little stigma out there that I was unaware of until I started reading a few other recipes.  (And then when starting this raspberry batch... and having to get a little MacGyver creative... nerves set in and you get all flustered.)  Have no fear I say!  It is extremely simple and don't let any of those silly disaster stories get you down... just power through and you will end up with the most delightfully fluffy marshmallowy goodness!

(Yes, my marshmallows have seeds and no, it is not awesome... I am not afraid to share my failures!  But they do taste good.)



W said...

I don't know anyone who has made their own marshmallows. You make it look so simple!
I lack confidence to tackle it myself.

Matt said...

They look awesome, V!!

Angie said...

Haha! I didn't realize I was logged into Matt's account :)