Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Photography: Sloan Photographers but found on Green Wedding Shoes Blog, here.

I really, really love weddings... and wedding planning.  And I think that this guestbook idea is fantastic!  What an adorable idea.  It would be great if you could draw the tree yourself. Then your guests just put their fingerprints on the tree and sign their names.  Family can be the roots of the tree possibly?  I love the colors of this one but you would use the colors that coordinate with your wedding.

You provide a little sign guiding your guests on what to do and have some wet towelettes there to get the ink off of their fingers.  Then it's time to party!  I just love it!

If you love this idea but are really uncomfortable drawing a tree... have no fear!  You can find some great prints on etsy... here, here or here!

(Oh how I'd love to be planning a wedding right now... any takers!?)



jmlo said...

if you and kto want to go into business together, she'd love to plan parties and such (maybe not weddings, but all other sorts....)

we did "message" cards that were cut out at 4x6, so we could put them in a photo album with some pics of family and friends - they could write advice, thoughts, etc. we had a bowl of 'starter ideas' if they couldnt think of anything. turned out really nice, and it was something more than just a signature. though, we did get several versions of "in our XX years of marriage, i learned that she is always right...." type messages, mostly from our uncles.

Designer Jules said...

I love this idea you can hang it in your house to
enjoy all the time. We were just looking at
our photobooth picture guest book last night. Love it.