Monday, February 7, 2011


A Christmas appetizer my mother-in-law and I put together.  Yum!

Cooking is something I've come to really enjoy.  I seem to cook every day... which is great but this requires a good amount of planning and a weekly grocery shopping trip that sometimes becomes a chore.  Here are a few things that I love about grocery shopping (could easily be turned around to being things I despise about our weekly shopping trips but I like to keep things positive).

  • Fresh Produce (I'm looking forward to frequenting farmers markets when they start up and possibly enrolling in a CSA this spring/summer!)
  • Sunday mornings (When there aren't a ton of people out and about.)
  • Fruit Juice Samples (One word... Dynamo!)
  • Sugary Treats (aka impulse shopping)
  • Well behaved children in carts (Sorry my mama friends... I'll probably be cursed with wild and crazy children who want to take over the grocery store for this one.)
  • Random songs you haven't heard in years (like... The Whispers Rock Steady or maybe Phil Collins Easy Lover)
  • New products that catch my eye (Thank you Trader Joe's for all those yummy... and easy... sauces!)
  • Mini shopping carts (Target would be a much friendlier place to me if they had the option of mini vs jumbo.)
  • Self check out and friendly TJ's cashiers (We typically go to Trader Joe's... they are super nice there  but I have a soft spot for self check out... so simple and quick!)

Are there things that you've learned to love about grocery shopping?  Or is it the bane of your week?



Designer Jules said...

Love the random music at the store. I always want to dance and sing along.

jmlo said...

I love the music too, and i do dance and sing along, which drives karen nuts. i also insist that we go up and down every aisle, except maybe that one weird pet food/cleaning supply aisle.

also, new products rock!

i like to go on days that they have double coupons and stuff, cause i like to hear how much we've saved.

V said...

oh, if you love the song you've got to sing it! and if it's really good... dancing is required! :)

mr. d often acts as if he doesn't know who i am.