Thursday, February 24, 2011


Another song that gets stuck in my head.  I heart... and could listen to it over and over!  I love Matt Costa's voice.  This song is pretty poppy sounding but his most recent album has this vintage quality to it (Beatles vibe maybe?).  Anyways, hope you enjoy.

(p.s. I recently watched Get Him to the Greek and I like it!  Definitely not as funny one of my all time fav's Forgetting Sarah Marshall but had some pretty good laugh out loud - raunchy humor - funny moments.)  



jmlo said...

i really like this song - i know nothing about him, but i'll check out more.

also, love Forgetting Sarah Marshall (mostly cause of Jason Segal and his puppet opera) Did you see I Love you Man?

V said...

i do know that he is on the brushfire fairytale label so it's no doubt that jack johnson fans are going to dig his music.

ok... i REALLY liked I love you Man. mark hated it and thought i only liked it because i'd had a couple of glasses of wine. it was funny (wine or no wine)! and i loved it.

jmlo said...

i'm with you - i think I Love You Man might be tops on my list of 'those movies' - but like i said, FSM's dracula puppet rock opera is awesome! i think KTO might have a tie b/t I Love You Man and Role Models.

mark must be crazy!

jmlo said...

this is for you:

V said...

love it!