Monday, January 31, 2011


And I make Popsicles (or better known as flavored ice on a stick because Popsicle is apparently a brand)!

This was my second attempt at making them with my Zoku and they really are super easy.  This one is Mango juice with a pretty star fruit on either side.  What the star fruit lacks in flavor it makes up with interest because this would be a pretty boring frozen treat without it!  I just used some store bought mango juice (pretty sure we picked it up at Whole Food's but I've also seen it at Target... Bolthouse Farms Amazing Mango) and a pretty star fruit, that was also purchased at WF's.  All I had to do was slice the star fruit, get out my super frozen Zoku and stick the sliced fruit to the sides.  Then you shake up the mango juice and pour it in.  It's seriously that easy.  In minutes it's frozen and ready to eat!

My first attempt at making pop's was when Mom was in town.  We made Raspberry Lime-aid and they were delish!  Super tart... which I'm down with and so pretty!  If you have a Zoku... here's the recipe.

The Zoku makes frozen treats in minutes... it's fantastic!  But maybe not the best thing to be making in the dead of winter... with what is being called the blizzard of a lifetime in our near future.



jmlo said...

what is this amazing invention? i totally need one, cause i love frozen desserts. popsicles are not quite ice cream (my all time favorite), but they'll do.

i know what's going on my birthday list. or maybe valetine's day. or a belated christmas present to myself!!

V said...

do it! you'll love it! although... you might want to invest in an ice cream maker if thats your real weakness. i've got some good recipes for that too!

jmlo said...

if i had an ice cream maker, i'd never leave the house, and i'd eventually become maury fat (as in, fat enough to be featured on maury povich), and they'd have to remove me from the house with a crane.

Designer Jules said...

Ok share the ice cream recipes...I have one and have yet to use it. I am afraid!