Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Photos from: Christophe Libert of Paris France (left), John Evans of Winchester UK (right)

I am a loyal Design Mom blog reader.  I think her blog is fun and interesting... even though i'm not a mother myself.  There are lots of things relating to children that she posts about but she also finds some great design inspired posts that I always find interesting.  And the kiddo stuff is pretty awesome too... I have plenty of mama friends that I can send things too so that's an added plus.

But what i'm really here to talk about is about their new adventure... I'm totally envious! As you are aware, we recently moved to Chicago... that should be enough excitement right? Well, Design Mom and her husband are moving their family of 8 (maybe it's more effective if I spell it out and add exclamations) eight!!!! (six children just blows my mind) to France. Just up and moving for a year to France.  They are two of those lucky people who can work anywhere and have made the decision to spend a year in another country.  I just think that is so cool.  And what a great experience for their children.

I heart France... and nearly everything about it.  They have the most beautiful language, the country side is insanely picturesque and when I had the pleasure of visiting the country I ate the most delicious sweet treat that i've ever had (but those cinni rolls are a serious contender)... a sugar covered waffle (that I wish I could recreate in some way but have no idea how to... must track down the the food cart in Paris at some point in my life). Mr. D and I would be quite funny in France.  I have a feeling our lack of speaking the French language and our dry humor wouldn't get us very far but we would adapt and love to explore a new country.  So hopefully a little language barrier wouldn't stop us!

If you were to go travel abroad for an extended period of time, where would you want to live?  In the country side or in the city?  That's hard for me to answer... both are so lovely in their own ways.  But I'm pretty sure we'd end up living in the city and taking weekend trips to the country now and again (at least that's what I've dreamt so far)!

Here is where Design Mom and her family will be calling home soon... how exciting!



jmlo said...

ireland or scotland or england or italy. pretty much anywhere in europe.

Actually, the netherlands has a lot of cool architecture, maybe there?

city for sure, but trips to the countryside would certainly happen. it's strange, but i have no desire to take trips to the countryside here (in america) why is that?

V said...

ok... so i kind-a agree.

i actually think that i could live in so many other countries. all that you listed would definitely be on my list as well. might add spain... wouldn't it be so awesome to move from one country to another every couple of years or so. wonder where you'd 'end up'?

now here's were i only so-so agree my friend. 'the states' have some beautiful country side! and i'm not talking backwoods tennessee (no offense TN!!!!). have you seen sedona!? bue-tee-ful! or sundance utah!? i feel like there are some really pretty places here in the good ol' US of A that don't involve hillbillies and handguns.

Designer Jules said...

I would love to live in Paris, the buildings, food, people everything. I would also love to spend the weekends in the beautiful!