Thursday, January 6, 2011

HAPPY 2011!

I've got high hopes for this year!  I see great things happening in 2011.  Hopefully you all have made your new years resolutions and have been sticking to them.  I have not... well I've made a couple of little resolutions that I think I can stick with, but so far... no good!

Today I came across this post on National Geographic's website (if you ever need to take a brain vacation I suggest you go to their website and look at some of the photos... pure beauty), 20 Best Trips of 2011.  Ideally I'd visit all of the locations on their list but from just looking at the images and scanning their descriptions... I must add the Fjord region of Norway to our list.  The image they have posted is just breathtaking and who's up for glacier walking!?  Sounds exhilarating!  

Fjord region of Norway - Image from National Geographic 20 Best Trips of 2011
Photograph by Peter Adams, JAI/Aurora
Unfortunately, our big 2011 destination was not listed!  But no worries, there are plenty of beautiful images to keep me interested and excited to plan the trip.

I hope you have some wonderful things to look forward to in 2011.  What ever it may be, starting something new, adding to your family or vacationing I wish you all the best!



Designer Jules said...

Did I miss the story about where you are going in 2011. I hope it is some place warm and sunny!

V said...

Ah, New Zealand is the magical destination! The original plan to go in April has been squashed (for a few different reasons) and the plan is to now go sometime at the end of the year. Which is prime weather for that side of the earth!

joshua said...

glad to see you're still a blogger - i was worried that your new year's resolution was to go into hiding or something!

i've bookmarked this site - it'll be good eye candy for me. i like to go to astronomy picture of the day and look at space, cause it's awesome.

V said...

that is a great website! the enlarged image of the Nov 7th photo looks like a wonderful piece of back lit onyx! not sure i ever told you this but at one point in my young adult years i was for sure that i wanted to work for NASA...