Friday, January 7, 2011


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Beginning on December 23rd, 2009  Mr. D and I decided (after me reading too much about the fast food industry) that we would try to go without eating any 'fast food' for 1 year.  He didn't think that we could do it and at first we agreed that we should do a test run for a month.  A month flew by so quickly... and easily and then it was our challenge!  Month after month we were so proud.  And to this day, January 7th, 2011, we still haven't given in. 

Although, the other night I had a very vivid dream of a certain fast food chain.  What I remember to be particularly funny is that Mr. D didn't know I was there... I was totally hiding my visit to Mickey D's from my anti-fast food accomplice!  I ordered chicken McNuggets and fries (my childhood and adult favorite fast food meal) and ate it all...

I just find this terribly funny.  After our challenge was up we talked about where to go from here.  And we've decided that some places that we'd banned for the year will go back in our, lets get something quick and cheap list but McDonalds isn't one of them!  

I guess I will just have to keep on dreaming 'cause nuggets are no longer on the menu!


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Kimmy said...

Ok, V, so I took my nephew to McD's today for lunch, however, I wasn't hungry at the time due to a late breakfast. So, although I was not hungry, I decided to "taste test" a french fry. Oh, the goodness of a McDonald's french fry!! I hadn't eaten McD's in sooo long (because the fattiness of the food seems to deposit around my mid-section) but, I thought, "What the heck?! One fry ain't never hurt nobody!" Well, let me tell's like that Pringles jingle, "Bet ya can't eat just one!" I ate half of my nephews order of delicious, golden fried, grease soaked, medium sized McDonald's french fries. After about 30 minutes, I physically felt like crap! Don't give in sweety! Don't give in to the doom of the McD's french fries!!!