Monday, January 17, 2011


This weekend we cleaned out the entire St. Louis house in preparation for the new owners.  Today I did a major push to organize the condo a bit more because we just keep bringing more and more stuff into the space and we have NOWHERE to put it.

The question I keep asking myself is, "You sold your wedding dress... do you really need to keep that picnic basket that you have used once (replace object with any item, replace once with never)?"


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jmlo said...

Okay, many things to discuss there -

new owners as in you sold it to someone, or as in making the selling easier?

also, and i said this RE: your black crowes response, you crack me up. "replace once with never" just made me laugh out loud. it also made me sad that we didnt hang out as much as we could have, cause you are hilarious.

Have fun pre-spring cleaning - i fully support the throwing out of things. though i also support the filling up of closets with things you'll never use again (exhibit A, the closet in our 3rd bedroom/office)