Thursday, January 27, 2011


Really... and I'm not proud of that fact.  In grade school we all had music class... I really have a hard time remembering that far back but I recall playing what I'd call 'faux' instruments, like the triangle (anyone?) or some plastic wind thingy... a mix between a kazoo and a clarinet (remember those?).  I'll just say that lame exposure to music didn't get me excited about it in the least.  Let's not count either of those and go back to saying I've never played a true musical instrument and that fact totally bums me out.  So making music is really cool to me I think because it's so foreign and I am now totally in awe of the good stuff (or what I think is good).

I haven't listened to much of their other music (here is Balmorhea's website... and just a little about them from Wikipedia) but I do love this instrumental piece.  I seem to be going through and instrumental phase right now... and it's not all totally "classical".  It kind of helps me focus with some background sound that is kind of inspiring and uplifting... without you even knowing it.  I'm not sure if that even makes any sense.

So, I'd also like to share this group as well... Black Violin.  I wanted to give them their own post but I feel like this is also a fantastic instrumental piece but uses the classical format in hip-hop fashion.  And I love it!  You can find more info on Black Violin here and read a little about the on Wikipedia too.

So that's what you get from a girl who's never played an instrument.  Hopefully you like them too!  I'll have to follow up with some of my other fav's... pop princess Britney or maybe a little Taylor Swift.  And then you'll say... yeah, she's not so 'musical' after all.



jmlo said...

that little thing was the recorder - seemed like a prerequisite for any music class any of us took.

what that means is that we have a generation of kids who can play very bad, very shrill renditions of twinkle twinkle little star, and that's about it.

i'd like to pick something up again, but i feel like it falls in the "i dont have time" category. which is a lame excuse, but it's still there.

michelle said...

I have a confidence in your music recommendations! I think the fact that you admit that you like Taylor Swift and Brittany just says you are honest about what you like...everything! If I come on here tomorrow and you have Kesha on here, I might have to stop reading for a few weeks :)

I WILL play the piano someday...I wont let myself leave without that skill. what would you play??

V said...

man... i don't know what i would play. i also love the piano... but the sound of an acoustic guitar is music to my ears. i would love to be able to play both.