Thursday, January 13, 2011


For my song of the week I've got two videos for you.  It's the same song... the first, is the original artist, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  I like a lot about this song... the whistling, the lyrics, the music... it's all good.  It kind of sounds folksy with the way the lyrics are sung in a kind of jumpy fashion but it's also new and fresh.  It's got lots of energy and makes me happy!

But I have to say I was first introduced to this song by a father/daughter team.  And their cover of Home is fantastic.  Really, he's got a beautiful voice and she is adorable (I'm really impressed with her focus)!  I hope you enjoy...

You can find out more about this father and his two girls on his Facebook page.



jmlo said...

Whoa. could have used a disclaimer on that one. maybe it's cause I'm missing mine so much, but I had to stop playing the song, otherwise I think I could have had a mini-meltdown.

It does sound beautiful, and I'll give it a proper listen, just not tonight.

Nice of you to pass on the father/daughter info, too. she's pretty darn cute!

V said...

oops!! sorry about that friend... might put that one on the listen to list when you are back home with your honey!

jmlo said...

it's alright. I was just having a low weekend.

it's still a good song. i love the lyrics, and the music is oddly catchy.