Thursday, November 11, 2010


I seem to always be a couple of years late to some influential social trends.  Might be small... like a movie everyone is talking about (still haven't seen Avatar).  Or bigger... like Facebook (which if we are FB friends you realize that I am pretty much addicted).  Blogging could definitely be counted, as well as the current fashion trend of leggings (just can't bring my self to sport them... and they are so cute on others)!

A recent discovery of mine is Pandora Radio.  Yes, I'm about 3 years late but I'm loving it and am ready to be able to stream great music like this in my car!  You can, with only minor effort, create your own personal radio station!  And you can have multiple stations, so if you are feeling like listening to Fiest's I Feel It All, make a station and they will play it and other songs that you may love, then change to your Micheal Jackson radio and songs that are similar to his music will play.  After a little time liking or disliking songs... you've got yourself a winner!

My favorite, of my many stations, has got to be American Honey Radio.  It plays the perfect mix of country, alternative rock, instrumental, indie and also artists that i've never been exposed to.  I've heard new artists like Matt Costa or old that I haven't heard in a long time like Anna Nalick.  It's really great and makes for some great sound for my ears.

 Do you have a favorite station... or a great song that I should make a station with?

I heart music, for sure!



Megan said...

Love Pandora. It is a godsend during a slow day at work and I get to pick what I listen to!

ken said...

Pandora is great. I've been introduced to a number of good songs and new artists by listening.

V said...

It's the new 'mixed tape'! :)