Thursday, November 4, 2010


All of my high school friends will remember this old guy!  Ebenezer is a donkey who lives off of Main Street, just west of Grandview's 'downtown'.  I remember driving out there to get to Jack's Stack or to get to 119th (and do some shopping!).  He was always there, and there were always people bringing food to feed and pet him.  

Recently the old guy had some health issues and the couple who owns him didn't have enough money to take care of him, they are in their 80's with health problems of their own.  A story ran in the KC Star and just like that they raised enough money ($10,000!) to get him the treatment that was need.  While he was away at the vet (83 days) a group of people tore down his old shed and built a new one on a concrete slab to keep Ebenezer's hoofs dry.  This guy really brought the community together!

Well, today my mom and I were driving by and there he was!  We stopped by to say hi and give him some love.  I heart... animals!

And I just love these stories... they warm the heart.


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