Wednesday, November 24, 2010


©2010 Ralph Hut, Zurich

Interior Design magazine had this small article on the transformation of Zurich's 19th century railroad viaduct.  The railroad is still operational (which is pretty crazy).  I remember seeing a different viaduct on my trip to Europe, they are quite substantial structures so I suppose it's not so crazy.  What they've done with Zurich's viaduct is pretty cool... it's now a shopping and restaurant destination.  I'd love to go shopping in this area!

But what I really like is the whole look of the development... the old stone arches that support the railroad in contrast to the new modern architecture that makes up each shop.  The shops are nestled into the arches and it's really just a nice complement.  

One of the most recent additions to the district is a store called Komplementair, which is what the ID article is about. 


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