Thursday, November 11, 2010


The reason I went back to St. Louis this week was to join in on a big surprise.  I heart surprises and the suspense of keeping them... and the face of the guest of honor!

Well that person happens to be a friend of mine, we call her Lu.  She is pregnant with baby #2, who I have lovingly named Baby Cucumber.  If you are a mama, or know a mama... there are weekly updates on the size of the baby, comparing them in size to veggies and fruits.  A cucumber was funny and it stuck for me.  I was informed of the surprise with plenty of time to prepare so I had this fun idea of making her some cute personalized onesies.  Onesies are cute enough because of their size but then when you put cute or clever saying on them they become irresistible!  At least to me... haha!

So when I was in KC for a short stay my Mom and I worked on a little project.  I had already developed the graphics that I wanted to get on the clothes we just need to gather all our supplies (really simple... ink jet printer, tee-shirt transfer paper, cutting surface and exact-o, extremely hot iron and the little adorable onesies).

We printed them, cut 'em out, and ironed them on (all while enjoying a glass of wine... or two).

I was so in love with them!  I knew we needed to get some pictures of them so the next day we went out to a section of new fence and had photo shoot.  Here's what we ended up with...

And after we saw the pictures I knew I had to make some sort of card to go with the gift.  So I decided to write a little note to Baby Cucumber.  It's just a little 4x6 card printed front and back.

In the end it was so much fun, the whole process.  Spending time with my mama and celebrating with soon to be mother of 2!  It's just really exciting time and I wouldn't have missed it.  Lu was very surprised and will soon be able to enjoy all of the gifts her coworkers showered her with.  And we all can't wait to meet Little Miss Cucumber!



Designer Jules said...

Totally love those! Nice job.

V said...

It was really fun and so easy... but I wish I had a Yudu!