Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Photo from STORYbyMia's Etsy shop.  Animal Note Cards
I have a new favorite Etsy store... well, really I'm just adding it to the long list of great artists who are on Etsy!  The shop is named 'Story By Mia', you can find it here.  She has a nice selection of super simple, yet beautiful, stationary.  It's the simplicity that gets me! She also has a nice photo blog, I wish I could be a little more proactive about photo documenting life!

I really like the idea of printing your own stationary.  Early this year I took a letterpress class and really enjoyed what came out of it.  I hope to do something like that in the new year too.  But I can't really buy my own letterpress, so I've been looking into some other, more manageable, printing methods such as the Yudu or the Gocco.  We will just have to see!



Designer Jules said...

I would be interested to see if you get the yudu...I love it but need to push myself to use it more. I have a million great ideas and have not made any of them yet. haha Such is life.

V said...

I've been wondering if you've been using the Yudu!