Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm always looking for the next little piece of art that I'd like to frame and hang in the bare corner of the hallway...

For the past few years I've really relied on a site named Tiny Showcase (in addition to local shops and places we may stumble upon while traveling).  This is a site that focuses on small, affordable artwork. Each week a piece is chosen to be reproduced, in limited quantity, and sold to the public at a great price.  Every Tuesday a new artist is featured and a portion of the sale is donated to a charity of the artists choice... which is pretty neat-o!

This print, Ocean's Don't Freeze by Jen Corase, hangs in our dining room.  I loved the pop of red in the sea of greens.  Dining Room photo taken by Christopher Thiemet (agent broker/owner of Circa Properties)

Well, today I spied a new source.  Some Prints.  Another great way for independent artists to get their names out there and show the world what they have to offer.  I will be keeping an eye on this site and hope to see a lot more artists work featured.

catch the worm, early bird - and - montparnasse by graphic nothing

There are so many places online to find great artists.  Do you have any favorites... online or in your own community?



joshua said...

v -

loving this blog so far. i'm gonna read it all before bed!

here is a site you might like - mostly affordable, mostly cute (though there are some odd ones)


i've linked one of my faves from the site. hope you like it

V said...

thats a good one!!! thanks for the link...