Monday, November 1, 2010


It's November 1!  The end of the year is quickly approaching, I really can't believe it.  Well, I'm very glad that Halloween is over.  Very soon I will be able to walk into the store and not be tempted by my, hands down, favorite candy.

This year we didn't have any trick-or-treaters... we really didn't expect any with the way the condo is set up.  We watched Beetle Juice... is that Halloween enough?  Did you hear about the kid who dressed up as the Rangers manager?  Pretty funny... that was my husbands favorite costume.  I liked one I saw on the Today Show... a lobster and cook.  The mom was dressed as a chef, white coat and big white hat, and the baby was dressed as a lobster (kind of like the one here... i heart!).  She was carrying the lobster baby in a big pot.  Really, too cute...

Here's a comparison picture of the little boy and the real Ron Washington.  He got to call out 'Play Ball!' before the start of the game.  That's pretty cool for a kid-o!


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