Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mmm... LUNCH!

This afternoon, after a morning of watching Zombieland (and actually liking it!), Mr. D and I braved the chilly and drizzly weather to go grab some lunch.  I've been talking about going to Belly Shack for a few weeks now and from our experience today I will be back.  Initially, I liked the look of their causal style and the sound of the unique menu.  And in the end we were not disappointed!

Belly Shack is located at Milwaukee and Western right below the Blue Line stop.  The sound of the L going by is definitely part of the charm.  The interior is pretty minimal with an exposed plywood soffit and plywood counter, dark grey walls and industrial light fixtures.  There are also graffiti like sketches and decals on the walls that match the Belly Shack logo and fit in perfectly with the music playing.

And here's what we ended up with!

Mr. D ordered the Korean BBQ Kogi with Kimchi & SSam Paste - DELISH!

I ordered the Asian Meatballs with Somen Noodles & Korean Chili Paste - there was a hint of mint in the meatballs, it was very interesting.  Very good and very filling!

 Now, my favorite part of the meal was these fries, Togarashi Fries!  They were salted with chili powder and lime with a Curry Mayonnaise dipping sauce.  SO TASTY!!!  The chili and lime were such a great combo.

Have I mentioned we will be back?  A couple of other things I'd like to try... well, the rest of their main courses (!), the Brussels Sprouts with Chorizo and their soft serve ice cream (Hucklerberry-Lime and Mint Brownie sound good to me!  Mr. D will be getting the Bacon Chocolate Chip, I'm sure...)



ken said...

That food looks good!

Designer Jules said...

We drove by Basil Spice yesterday and waved for you! Those fries look yummy.

V said...

We are on the search for our favorite Thai here in CHI... stay tuned. :)