Friday, November 12, 2010


Today I was reading through Interior Design Magazine and came across a designer who put together this fun design style website.  It's called Sproost and it was developed by Melissa Winn (and a group of very important others!).  It's been around since 2008... so once again, I'm a little late.

They give you a short quiz... it's easy!  You select varying options of loving or hating the images that pop up.  With your input they are able to get an idea of what your style is.  The images range from traditional Asian or country to rustic or modern.

My design style ended up being 'Vintage Modern'. (50% Vintage Modern / 33% Hollywood Couture / 17% Rustic Revival).  Here's what they say about Vintage Modern.

"Flea Market anyone? You know you are drawn to modern furniture and interiors, and yet you really don't like a space that feels cold and sterile. And who could blame you? And that's why Vintage Modern is so appealing to you. Though the backdrop of the room, the walls and windows, are many times white or monochromatic, the furniture and accessories have the color, shape and texture to bring the warmth into the space. The great thing about Vintage Modern is ease of mixing different styles in the one space. You can have a new modular sofa mixed with a great pair of chairs that your grandmother purchased in the late 1950's and the new and old work appear as though they were destined for each other. What's great is that even if you don't have time for swap meets and garage sales, so many of the pieces from the mid-century were so great that they have been remade and mimicked year after year."

They go on to talk about material and color... what a fun idea!  They also suggest pieces of furniture and accessories that match your style... if you are in the market for some new items for the home.

Whats your design style?



Designer Jules said...

Mine was cottage style which I don't think is me but I liked some of the rooms. Modern elegance was next in line and then nantucket style. Humm a little off I think but it was fun!

Megan said...

I got 50% rustic revival, 25% French Eclectic, and 25% Classic...I dont even know if that's right...But cool site.

V said...

Its fun to see what it says... whether it's right or not is up for debate! Guess you need to take it twice to see if its accurate. :)

joshua said...

100% cottage chic.

uh, no? gonna have to do that one again. i do like the site, though.