Friday, November 26, 2010


Currently I'm enjoying The Devil in the White City... a story about the ideas behind the great worlds fair won by Chicago and wanting to rival the wonder that was held in Paris previously.  The architectural history is combined with a gruesome depiction of a crazy person who is obsessed with killing.  Killing women!  It all takes place in Chicago, of all cities.

It was recommended to me and so far it's really good.  I'm about half through with it and both the tales, the architectural dream come to life and the creepy serial killers ravage of Chicago's south side, are just so interesting!  And apparently true... I have a little more research to do on this point.  

It's super creepy and probably  not a story I should be reading as I have just moved to the city and at times must explore on my own!

What are you reading?  Any suggestions for my next book?


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