Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I heart... Anthropologie.  I have a feeling that there will be many, many more posts about this store.  I recently got their November 2010 mailing and well, it's always a treat!  Their unusual shoots and beautiful styling always catch my eye.  This catalog looks like it is based on a dream theme.

My wish list is as follows...

I think these little stuffed animals are adorable!  Would be a cute gift for a little one.  The dress on the other hand would be for me!  It's so pretty and looks comfy.

Looks like I'm loving flowers... overszied on the sweater (great for Chicago's cold weather!) and small on the beautiful dress... so lady like!

And some of my favorite shots included animals... funny!  I do love the boots... and the sheep.  I also love the fox... not so much the chair but the wall paper is pretty!

Well, the catalog is always interesting and every month I daydream about spending an obscene amount of money.  Until next month...


(All images are from Anthropologies November 2011 catalog which can be found here!)

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