Friday, November 26, 2010


Picture from Kirta's Etsy website.
I've seen these wool felt balls quite a few places recently.  I'd really like to make something fun with them... I think I may be able to handle assembling a wreath like the one below but this fantastic rug would definitely be an item that would need to be purchased!  On their Etsy shop Kirta, they have a super modern pebble felt rug that is pretty wonderful too.

I don't think I will be attempting to make my own felt balls but am on the look out for a good deal on a assortment of colors.  This would be perfect on our condo door for the winter months and a fun little project to tackle in Chicago!  Here is the DIY info from Pickles blog!

Picture from Pickles Blog


Designer Jules said...

I love that rug too! I have seen it and have wondered how long it would take to make.

Angie said...

V, I love this!! I have a bunch of old sweaters that need to be chucked but I just cannot throw them out. I looked into felted stuff awhile back - gloves, hats, etc. I think felt window drapes would be even better!