Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Packing!  It takes me FOREVER to pack a bag.  Even for a long weekend!  And let's not even get into a longer trip.  I have to pack for days when there are more than 4 days involved.  There are all these what-if's that pop into my head.  What if it's unseasonably warm/cold?  What if it rains?  What if I want to wear yellow?  Serious questions my friends!

Then there are toiletries.  You'd think it's be no problem... I use this stuff everyday... you know what you need!  Nope.  I sit there and stare in the cabinet, the drawers.  Oooh.  This is a cute necklace (haven't worn it in a year).  I'll need blush (never wear it).  I should bring nail clippers, a nail file and polish.  What!?

I'd love to figure out a way to simplify my packing process.  A list helps but I just always seem to get stuck packing a hundred things that I would never use.

This week I'm taking a little trip back to KC to spend some time with my mother and a good friend.  I decided to set some boundaries for myself when it came to packing for this trip.

Rule #1 - No List (I figured it's only a 4 day trip, I can figure out what I can't live with out for 4 days with out a list... sometimes the lists get out of control...)

Rule #2 - Only pack what is absolutely necessary (Mom has a hair dryer, along with shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers, etc)

Rule #3 - (this is my biggest problem) I am only allowed to pack one top per day, plus one extra for the whole trip.

I didn't time myself but these 'rules' really helped me!  I definitely feel that I cut my packing time down significantly!  Hopefully I can stick with this idea and quit obsessing about packing. :)

Here is our little monster Coach... upset that i moved his favorite sleeping spot to take over the bed while packing but it turned into a cute little photo op!

Does packing take you forever?



joshua said...

what is it with cats and suitcases?

elliot is the same way -


joshua said...

i meant this as a link:

elliot pre-jamaica

V said...

Josh, your kitty is skinny! :)

joshua said...

the biggest he's ever been is 10 lbs. he actually got mysteriously sick (i think we talked about it at Blackthorn) and at one point was down to 8 lbs. he's climbing back up now, but he's always just been slim and trim.