Monday, November 29, 2010


On Sunday we decided to take it easy.  It wasn't until about 1:00 when we left the house. The plan was to get some food in our bellies.  Pizza Metro was the destination, only a little over a mile away from the condo.  It was a nice day and a walk was in order!  While we were exploring a street we hadn't been down... thinking, wow, that house is HUGE... it dawned on me.  This would have never happened in St. Louis.

We just didn't walk to get somewhere.  It was so much easier to drive, maybe more convenient is the right term.  I suppose here it's just easier to walk, parking never seems to be where you need it to be.  And then there is the fact that people in Chicago are actually out and about... it's just what you do.  So I'm enjoying the change of pace, walking to our destinations has been fun.  Mostly we are headed to restaurants but there are other places to go too... there is a 7-11 if we need a Slurpee, a dentist if it's time for a teeth cleaning or even a little neighborhood market if I need to stop to pick up some limes on my way home.

I'll get back to you when it's below zero... I may have changed my mind about walking by then!

Oh, and by the way, the pizza was yummy!  (As were the Suppli and Potato Crocchetta appetizers.)


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Designer Jules said...

We have been walking a lot these days but only around the block and to the grocery store. I hate walking in the cold so I would be happy for tips if you find some.